This is where I just talk!

(10/20/2021) - Hmm, noting this for later: according to that one poster the maximum wage for Motherlobe employees is 9 cents (an hour, presumably). A True Psychic Tales comic is 25 cents.

(10/19/2021) - The Psychonauts 2 vol. 1 soundtrack is out! This is something I realized a little beforehand, but listen to "The Eye Shrine". I like to think those female vocals are Lucy :). And The Quarry is literally one of my favorite tracks... it really feels like the world just opened up to you, you're plunging straight into the sunlit unknown, it's fantastic.

(10/16/2021) - I think Otto would fucking adore Minecraft. Like Gisu would be playing it with the other interns and he'd come by and ask what they were doing and they'd show him this cool new game and he'd watch them play for a bit. And Gisu would be like "do you wanna play it" and he would be like, absolutely. Cue his newest obsession, within a few weeks he's rebuilt the entire Motherlobe and Green Needle Gulch to scale. Gisu wants to show him mods but she's afraid he won't see the light of day for a month of she does.

(10/15/2021) - Ok so it's really simple. Sasha and Milla are married. Also Sasha is gay and Milla is a lesbian. They are both trans. They're bi t4t. And also Sasha is a he/him lesbian. Him and Milla are just close work friends. They're dating. And they have adopted Raz together.

(10/10/2021) - I think my favorite running theme in Psychonauts is when something incredibly fucked up happens and either Ford or Truman is immediately there. Like do you wanna join my fucked up psychic club.

(09/19/2021) - The reason Raz is so powerful is because his dad has train autism. And when he passed it down to Raz it mutated into a rare strain of funicular autism.

(09/19/2021) - Personal theory, I think the climate in Psychonauts is drastically different than ours. In both games we see characters wearing multiple layers, jackets, in the middle of summer. In the second game, when Raz talks to Nona, he asks if she's cold, and she responds something like, "this is nothing compared to Grulovia." In the first game Lili says her family lives on the east coast, and assuming this is America (or some equivalent) none of those states are especially cold in the summer.

(09/15/2021) - Now realistically, the whole Loboto/Bobby father/son theory is gonna involve a lot of dysfunctional-ness. But instead of some edgy abusive situation (c'mon, I don't think he's that bad...) I think it would be 100% funnier if Raz met Bobby after PN2 and tried to extend an olive branch like "Hey you know I had a rough relationship with my dad too but he got better and so can Loboto :)" and Bobby was just like "um unlike YOU Raz I actually TALK to my dad and I love mutating fish with him >:(". Like he'd be SOOO pissed the the Psychonauts made his dad so lame. He doesn't even get to use the teeth scrambler anymore :/

(09/12/2021) - I love that by virtue of being the dude with nothing going on, Otto is somehow the most interesting character. You only see a peek of him when talking to Sasha and then some more in his lab. It's clear he's very into his machines and science, much more than other people, but as for the rest of his personality you have to look at other people's perceptions of him. And that's such a fun exercise- the whole Psychic 6/7 has been separated at this point, so there views have become somewhat warped over the years. There's just so much versatility to that... the only consensus I've seen on Otto is that he comes off as pretty arrogant. Otherwise I've seen such a wide range of interpretation to him.

Personally I agree that he comes off as arrogant, though he probably doesn't mean to. He definitely takes pride in his work, and is usually the "spokesperson" whenever there's newspapers or cameras. Besides that he's very kind to Raz and seems to be the only person who indulges his love for True Psychic Tales. In Bob's mind we see that he forged a sword for his and Helmut's wedding, but at the same time we see the island dedicated to Otto. Some people point to this that Otto might've been standoffish to the Psychic 7, but I think it's part of Bob's insecurities, in a "what if all my friends secretly hate me" idea way. Otto seems like he's blunt with advice, thus he "fits the role" in that kind of made-up fantasy. I think it's similar to Compton's mind, though I find the line, "He's supposed to be the nice one" pretty interesting. I like the idea that Compton and Otto were decently good friends, if a bit less than Compton and Cassie.

(09/05/2021) - I think my favorite bit about the Aquato family is how easily they read as a coming out narrative. Frazie really made me see it- Augustus's line, "That's for her to tell me, not you," even if he knows she's psychic is really sweet.